Lock Down

Ez OFF 2.007

Ez OFF 2.007: Tool to automatically shutdown, log off, lock down PC and to keep it locked down, log off, lock down or reboot computer and will keep your PC locked for as long as you schedule it. Ez OFF has time accumulation feature, system time protection and allows to create multiple schedules. MAIN FEATURES: + Allows to Shut Down, Reboot, Lock Down, Log OFF, Suspend, Hibernate PC automatically + Keeps computer shut OFF or locked automatically(unique feature) + Precise turn OFF / turn ON time + Separate schedule for each day of the week

Folder Locking Software (FortKnox) 5.0: Lock Folder, Hide Folder, Secure Folder, Encrypt Folder, Password Protect Folder
Folder Locking Software (FortKnox) 5.0

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TPD Browser Lock 2.0.2: Control Internet access on your computer while you are away.
TPD Browser Lock 2.0.2

lock. The icon looks like a globe with a keyhole; from there you can lock/unlock the Internet as well as specify a time length for Internet access. What is new in Version 2.0.2 This release includes some bug fixes, links to our new website on YouTube, twitter, and Facebook. A button to extend the unlock time. Notifications that browser lock is going to lock down the Internet at the 5 min, 3min, and 30 sec mark. That way you are not surprised when

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PC Security 6.4: Lock down your system like never before. Have total control over your computer.
PC Security 6.4

Lock down your system like never before. Exercize total control over your computer with the following security options: Explorer Control, File Lock, Folder Lock, System Lock, shortcut/Program Lock, Internet Lock, Restricted System, Window Lock, intruder Detection with Alarm, Flexible and complete password protection and Drag and Drop support. A very powerful and easy to use protection utility.

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4S Lock 1.09

Lock Screen, which requires a password to restore access to the computer. Effectively, 4S Lock turns your computer into the information spot even in the time when the computer is locked, instead of monotone blue screen appearance. Simple double-click on 4S Lock`s system tray icon locks your desktop or laptop. With Cars Edition of 4S Lock, think about the program in analogy with car`s bulletproof windshield that provides a secure living space and

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IE Lock IE Lock works with Internet Explorer but locks it only to the sites you allow.
IE Lock

Lock works in Internet explorer,, blocking any attempts at inappropriate browsing before they reach the network. IELock reduces or eliminates the need for expensive server side hardware and software solutions. I Lock`s "Allow List" ensures your employees gain access to ONLY THOSE PAGES/DOMAINS you`ve pre approved. IE Lock will support multiple Allow lists to ensure that you meet the browsing needs of your entire workforce. IE Lock will automatically

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DirectShutdown 1.5: Shutdown, reboot, logoff or hibernate your PC using modern GUI or command-line.
DirectShutdown 1.5

Down is a free, commercial-quality uitlity for easier ShutDown, Restart, Log Off, Lock, StandBy or Hibernate your PC. When DirectShutDown is running, icon appears on the taskbar on the end opposite the "Start" button. You can choose action you need just click it with the right mouse button to view the context menu.. You can set a keyboard shortcut for any action - shutdown, reboot, hibernate, standby, lock, logoff. Also, DirectShutDown will automatically

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